Carla Emery-Culberson, DPM welcomes you to her podiatry practice in Austin, TX

Our mission is to provide excellent podiatric medical service using the latest technology and techniques. We are especially interested in making our patients feel at home! We put your needs first to achieve comprehensive treatment. Our goal is to restore your foot health while helping you get your life in stride!

Our diverse staff is highly educated and bilingual in English and Spanish. Our podiatric team has years of experience in treating patients with the highest level of compassion and can answer any questions regarding our financial and insurance policies.

We make every effort to provide you with excellent care and the most convenient financial options. To accomplish this, we work closely with you and your insurance company to help you maximize your benefits.

We accept cash, checks (with a picture ID), money orders, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We deliver the finest care at the most reasonable cost to our patients. Therefore, payment in full for treatment is due before or at the time services are rendered.

The greatest compliment we get from our patients is referrals. We strive to serve our patients with compassion, the best care possible, and an inviting environment with friendly staff. When patients refer others to our podiatric family, we appreciate the trust we have gained and hope that we can continue to give optimal care to any new patients.

Providing Surgical and Non-Surgical Podiatric Treatment Options


Life is God's gift - Death is our victory that we have lived a meaningful life.

Life is our career and Relationships give meaning to our life.

We wish for you a path of non-resistance. That you will relax through resistance And let is pass through you so That God can guide and use you.

We wish for you the path of acceptance. That you don't need to control things Or make things happen. Life is what it is Because God created it this way. Our assignment is to reach our highest potential And make every moment meaningful, For us and for others.

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Happy Holidays
Happy New Year!

Warm wishes,
Central Texas Podiatry Associates.

Carla Emery-Culberson, DPM

Dr. Carla Emery-Culberson is a twenty-five year practicing podiatric physician in Austin Texas. Her practice serves children and adults in need of assistance for podiatric medical conditions and surgery.

Specialized Services

Our doctors pride themselves on utilizing the latest, most effective and safe technologies to treat painful foot and ankle disorders. We appreciate you and want to be your Podiatrist!

Our Office

Our office is located at the intersection of 2222 and Mopac. Accessible from most major roadways, look for the building sign that reads: Berkshire Hathaway.


Use the convenience of our website to request an appointment and save yourself a few extra "steps"! We always welcome new patients and try to offer convenient appointment times.