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An anodyne, by definition, is something that brings you a sense of soothing and comfort.

  • Stylish and Comfortable.
  • Light weight outsole for all day comfort, increased durability.
  • All styles designed with the absolute minimum number of seams.
  • Optimal construction for all foot types.
  • Available for purchase in our office. (cash, check and major credit cards accepted).

Are your children in sports or cheer? Do they complain of foot problems?

Call in today and we can schedule a complete foot exam.

It is possible they are needing shoe insoles or special custom orthotics, we carry most sizes in office.

It could be just a simple change in shoe gear, we can measure your child's foot for correct sizing and discuss proper shoe gear. If needed we have an x-ray machine onsite.

Carla Emery-Culberson, DPM
3303 Northland Drive, Suite 308
Austin, TX 78731